Modernised Approach Of Best Furniture Showrooms In Doon

Ever since the entry of Modern furniture in the market of furniture in Doon, people have been face to face with new concepts in buying items for their homes, offices and anywhere else. In the early 20th century, people sought wooden items simply for the sake of having furniture for sitting and sleeping. So, there were the simplest designs of cots and sofa sets, moreover these being affordable by the high society and rich residents. When the home furniture store in Bhaniyawala was established by Yusuf Khan, Zakir Husain, Javed Husain, the outlook of residents of Bhaniyawala started to change, so much so that there are a number of dealerships with best furniture shops in Jollygrant at present, Choice Furniture being one of the most modern and high end furniture showrooms.

Essentialities in good furniture shops in DOON that account for Choice Furniture’s reputation

Even though there are lots of showrooms with quality furniture manufacturers in Doon as well as good furniture shops in Uttrakhand, the establishment of our showroom at Jollygrant has given fresh exposure of the evolution of furniture to the people of India.
One stop shop – What started as a small cane furniture manufacturing booth long back at around 1992, has now become transformed into a number of sprawling modern day wooden and synthetic furniture stores with over 25 years of experience. We now hold three showrooms in Bhaniyawala. All such success has been the efforts blended with sincerity and equality. But the Choice Furniture has become one of the leading furniture shops because we provide premium items, laced with quality materials and in innovative designs. So, when you arrive at our best furniture showrooms in Doon, there will be the one stop destination for all your furniture needs.

Collections of all materials – Be it wood or the modern day synthetic materials like polyurethane and fabric, we manufacture the best designs of furniture in our newly established factory. There are also many other foreign and Indian brands of items, which you can find at the most reasonable costs. When you enter our shops, you will find all kinds of furniture, along with different designs in each segment.

Leading providers of products by best furniture stores in Doon

Choice Furniture has been around in its second decade now, but makes its customers feel at home at this day also. People are nowadays aware about what they want. Starting from the storerooms to the lavishly spread living rooms, for each room our customers will be able find the most suitable item. You can pick your favourite furniture items from our range of collections, shown in our catalogues.

We are furniture dealers in Doon providing affordable products. We have a well-established name. We are extending it with modernisation of home furniture, office furniture, outdoor items and other necessities through our furniture shops. After having been acclaimed as the leading among the wooden furniture shops in a few decades back, we are now venturing into being the furniture dealers in Doon with price within different ranges and qualities to satisfy each and every customer.

Doon’s premium furniture store Choice, spread across 300 plus sq.ft office and 8,000+ sq.ft showroom gives you a unique aesthetic experience in furniture shopping. Explore our website for prime wooden furniture, spellbinding cots, exquisite sofas, comfortable recliners, elegant dining tables,  that lend hues of grandeur to your home and office.


All our products are Subject to Stringent Quality Checks Post Manufacturing. We do not pay any leniency when it comes to the quality of our products.


We provide fair warranty against Manufacturing Defects or any issues arising due to the Design or Material used. We aim at providing maximum satisfaction to our customers.

Customised Products

Many times we come across the customers with unique choices. They wish to have their own designs or wish to alter the designs of the products made by us. Fortunately, we do not turn down the wishes of our customers by providing them the designs they wish to have.